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Oct 20, 2017 | No Responses

Why Group Hug?

Our team is more like a family. We celebrate wins together, grieve personal and professional losses together, and actually enjoy spending time together. As with most inside jokes or nicknames, the origin of the story is something “you kinda had to be there for,” but that’s how our regularly Friday team meetings became known as “Group Hug.” Every week, we all squish in our four person size office and catch up on each other’s lives, our communities and sales, market info, new marketing collateral, and usually a few jokes. Or a lot of jokes.

Whenever we bring a new person to the team, we can usually gage if they’ll be a good fit by their reaction to such a name. A few folks have taken this moniker very seriously, creating some awkward moments of actual hugging. We promise, no indecencies have transpired due to this group’s name.

With our forthcoming newsletter, that we won’t commit to sending quarterly or monthly (it will be periodically, because we only want to share information we’d want to receive ourselves, and that doesn’t happen like clockwork), we thought it fit to share a bit of our team culture with our current, past and future clients by naming this communication after our weekly meeting. As often as we send these emails out, you’ll get insight into how we function, and how we’ve been able to be a lean and high producing team that has an incredibly fun and vibrant culture.

We hope the information we provide is helpful and informative, and brings our community closer together. It won’t always be about real estate; in fact, we hope to share more about our community and than our newest listings. You can see that on Zillow, or our website, or on Facebook. This newsletter will be full of the things that inspire us and give us cause for celebration and goals to set for our personal and professional lives, with the occasional market update or new construction event.

Enjoy the musings of our team, the Group Hug Press.

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Author: Kari Hagelganz

Kari's deep love of detail and organization have been utilized in administrative, marketing and operational roles alike. She enjoys looking at opposite perspectives to gain insight on how things can be done more efficiently. Kari also has a passion for personal development. She loves to help others develop their skills and build a space where creativity is encouraged, whether in artistic forms or creative problem solving, and has a constant itch to learn on a daily basis. Kari thrives on lyrically clever music, good coffee, family time, books (especially old hardbacks), travel, practical jokes, painting and last minute adventures.

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